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About the company

Narsun Studios is a high-end technology enterprise with years of experience in Game development services as well as Web/mobile designing solutions. The company ensures the applications are reliable, faster, and engaging.
Narsun Studios have effectively created 135+ games with a striking number of 89+ VR games developed. Keeping into account all these aspects, we design pixel-perfect mobile games that are optimized for iOS and Android. As modern games come in variations, we are well capable of making 2D & 3D unity games with high resolution. We are industry-leading AR/VR game developers and design games in the Unreal engine which is certainly the complete suite of tools to meet artistic visions.

Our Goal

who we are

Narsun Studios is launching Pakistan’s first Metaverse, The Cloud City Metaverse, built on Unreal Engine 5, the most powerful engine that combines high-end graphics, hyperrealistic environments, and great visual design with audio, lighting, animation, and other capabilities to give players an immersive experience. 

 We are driven to create beautiful and useful digital goods for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store that add new elements to the racing, simulation, hyper-casual, first-person shooter, and mid-core gaming genres.
Our mission is to provide a world-class experience to all our patrons. We want to create regulated and responsible entertainment with a positive influence on people’s lives.

OUR Team

Umer Abbas

CEO Narsun Studios

Ahsan Imtiaz

CTO Narsun Studios

Umer Mirza

CMO Narsun Studios

Reem Alharbi

CGO Narsun Studios

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