Python these days is the most dynamic and popular general purpose programming language in the world. It is a 28 years old programming language but still very admirable despite being very slow. It is quite difficult to understand why many developers around the world likes Python without caring for speed and performance. I know you must be very curious to know all the reasons. So let’s get started!

Python is not a very complex language and is vastly known for its high dependability and simple syntax. Its dynamic type systems allow programmers to write a fewer lines of codes efficiently in fewer minutes. The another main reason for its popularity is readability and English like commands. Python has an active support community. Generally, programming languages that lack documentation does not evolve. But there is plenty of documentation, guides and tutorials on Python that are available everywhere. It has an excellent selection of libraries that can help you save time while working on larger projects to cut down your efforts on writing multiple codes.

Artificial intelligence is considered to be the most trending technology of the future. Almost every organization is making a good use out of AI and number of applications are made on it. Amongst numerous programming languages being used to develop AI based applications, Python gains a huge popularity. Like explained above, Python is that one open-source language which has amazing libraries, it has pre-build libraries for AI that are useful for scientists. Of course, scientists are not good with codes hence Python allows them to perform advanced calculations with ease. Such as “Numpy” for scientific calculations, “Scipy” for advanced computing and Pybrain for machine learning. As artificial intelligence needs a lot of exploration, an idea can be quickly authenticated through 20-30 lines of code in Python.

Not even in technology, but Python is also considered to be the best in business domain as well. Business intelligence helps trades to make useful and better choices with numerous tools and methods such as data collection, sharing and reporting. BI usually use historical data to determine trends using reporting and analytics. In-depth analysis of historical data is achieved through Python. Panda is a python library that allows the user to read or manipulate data efficiently. Python is really the undisputed king of deep learning!

Python and data science mesh really well. Data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses the most powerful hardware, the most powerful programming systems, and the most efficient algorithms to solve problems. It seems very problematic to correlate massive unsorted data with complete accuracy; Python fills this gap by allowing you to make a CSV output for easy data reading in the massive spreadsheets.

Final thoughts, Python is the most taught language in universities all over the world now. It leads in various domains such as statistical, artificial intelligence, systems test, scripting domains, mainly in web programming and scientific computing. With a 25.95 percentage of Python language tutorials are searched on google. Consider making python the language of your choice.

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