Why Should You Consider Game Development As A Career

There has always been debate over choosing a career that best suits you. The self-proclaimed career counselors will always talk about how you can enjoy your passion, and once your passion becomes your job, you never have to work a day. This is true to some extent, whereas mostly in today’s post COVID world, it is essential that we know one thing to consider is that every industry has its perks. Owing to the pandemic and SOP’s major population of the world moved indoors, video games or play to earn games became even more popular. In this article, you will read about reasons other than the one mentioned above to join the community. Here is why you should consider game development as a career that you can grow in.

Be a part of the Growing Industry

Here is one thing that you should absolutely consider while making a life decision. Any field or industry you consider building a career in must be a growing industry. So when it comes to gaming industry in general it is one the growing industries from $152 billion it is expected to grow to about 12.9% more till the year 2027. According to independent research more than 400 million new gamers are expected to join the gaming industry by the end of the year 2023. This shows that it is one of the industries that is inclining rapidly and since the inception of metaverse the likely annual revenue generated by it is for sure going to double. So to put it short you will be a part of a rapidly growing industry.

Creative immersive environment

A lot of industry or niche-based organizations call themselves as an immersive unit. However, for the most part that is just a statement. The gaming industry can easily pride itself on being immersive and an inclusive industry where creativity and skills matter more than anything other developed industry. It only cares about the talent and ideas you have or what you can bring to the table. So for an immersive creative experience, their gaming industry is the right stop for you.

The Inception of Esports

Esports has pushed the gaming industry to a whole new level. The sheer competitive atmosphere requires the industry to be fast paced, adaptive and innovative at the same time. This is a massive opportunity for anyone considering to switch careers and industry. The highly competitive nature is the driving force behind the advancement in general.

You don't need to know development

There is a common misconception regarding the gaming industry that it only caters to programmers or developers, this is entirely false. Gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries owing to its inclusive nature. From concept artists to content writers everyone and anyone can be a part of this industry. We are talking about form the recruiters to marketers, from editors to 3d artists everyone has an equal opportunity to be a part of this industry.

Highly Rewarding

Although the entire process of game development from scratch to execution to sales is somewhat a tedious process. There are many technical aspects involved from international to local compliance to ratings and ASO and everything in between game development is one task but making it successful is entirely another one. However, having said that the industry, in general, is very rewarding. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer joining the gaming industry in the first place but the pace of the industry is something that not everyone is accustomed to.

Narsun the Game Development Pioneer

Since we are in the game development industry, we are well aware of all the perks of the industry, and no one can provide better insights over the topic than us. Prior to moving into this, here is a brief introduction of Narsun Studios. NARSUN Studios is a blockchain and game development studio. Working in the most captivating space out there at the moment: Unity game development, gamification of Blockchain and NFTs. NFT design, smart contract development and deployment, custom NFT marketplaces, wallet development and integration, ideation to deployment of play to earn games.

Career Building

Building a career is something that should not be endorsed in any shape or form. However a career based on judgment of facts and reality is something that we should all go for, except for jumping ship when you get the chance, take a moment and do a little diligence so you can make an informed decision whatever it may be. Being one of the biggest game development studios of the countries and having experience of working with Hollywood, NFL, NHL, NBA and other prestigious brands. It is the perfect place to begin your career in game development having in-house teams for complete development process which in other game studios would be outsourced, you as part of Narsun will be going through all the phases of game development not only enhancing your knowledge of the field but also provide a career roadmap ensuring a secured future for you.


Building a career is something that should not be endorsed in any shape or form. However a career based on judgment of facts and reality is something that we should all go for, except for jumping ship when you get the chance, take a moment and do a little diligence so you can make a n informed decision whatever it may be.

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